Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top salespeople are not discouraged by failure

Steve Martin (the sales expert, not the comedian)'s post for entitled "Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople" contained a fascinating nugget for The Mistake Bank:

Less than 10 percent of top salespeople were classified as having high levels of discouragement and being frequently overwhelmed with sadness. Conversely, 90 percent were categorized as experiencing infrequent or only occasional sadness.

Selling Style Impact: Competitiveness. In casual surveys I have conducted throughout the years, I have found that a very high percentage of top performers played organized sports in high school. There seems to be a correlation between sports and sales success as top performers are able to handle emotional disappointments, bounce back from losses, and mentally prepare themselves for the next opportunity to compete.

Handling emotional disappointments and bouncing back from losses. Especially with the turmoil occurring in corporations today, those seem to be characteristics that many people, not just salespeople, should work on developing.

Now here's guy who's also not easily discouraged... and I'm remembering that I think he got what he wanted in the end:

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